06 November 2007

Upcoming Events In Coventry

Tuesday 6th November -- "Let's Celebrate Diversity and Unite Against Racism" -- at the Indian Community Centre, Cross Road, 7pm - 10pm -- An evening of debate, discussion and poetry by speakers and artists from Coventry's multi-racial community to celebrate diversity and to promoteunited action against racism. For more information contact Margery Jones on 024 7646 4900

Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th, Friday 9th November -- "Bethlehem's 'House of Peace' at Rachel's Tomb" -- Ann Farr, a member of Pax Christi, an International Peace Movement, will show photographs and talk about her visit, at the beginning of October, to a new peace project in an area of confrontation in Palestine. This new initiative is to support the courage and hope of the people and to help transform the place of conflict into one that is a sign of peace and community building in the "little town of Bethlehem."

- On Tuesday, 7pm, at the Coventry Peace House, 311 Stoney Stanton Road.
- On Wednesday, 730pm, Earlsdon Methodist Church, Earlsdon Ave South at Albany Road (6pm refreshments, 630pm worship).
- On Friday, 1230pm to 130pm, Herbert Art Gallery.

Contact: Ann Farr on 024 7667 9398, or email annfarr@phonecoop.coop for more information.

Thursday 8th November -- Cathy Scott of the Coventry Vegetarian and Vegan Society, will be giving a talk to Coventry Friends of the Earth on the impact our diets have on the environment. The talk will begin at 7.30 pm and will be held in The Foyer on the Lower Holyhead Road.

Thursday 8 November -- "foleshillfields fusion" -- St Peter's Community Centre, Charles Street 7.30pm - 9.30pm (doors open at 7pm). A rich and extraordinary mix of live sounds originating from South America, West Africa, South Asia, Eastern Europe, the West Indies - and North Coventry! Get in touch if you want to perform ... Free Entry. (Donations for the foleshillfields vision project's work linking communities here and in the developing world gratefully accepted!) Delicious food available - including Vegetarian and Halal. For more details call Mark on 0772 519 3776

Thursday 8 November -- Coventry Association of International Friendship invite you to a public meeting at 730pm to discuss "The European Union - Where Do We Stand Now?" The two speakers will be: Michael Cashman, MEP and Doug Nicholls, the General Secretary of the Community and Youth Workers Union. The talk will look at the EU in the 21st century and consider how far it can contribute to peace. City Councillor Dave Chater will chair the meeting. For further information contact John Moore, Coventry Association of International Friendship on024 7625 7853.


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