13 May 2009

European Elections Broadcast


Joe said...

Sorry Scott, your energy policy doesn't add up. It is impossible to replace coal and nuclear with renewables. I suggest your party needs to come up with an energy policy that adds up if you are to be at all credible.

Anonymous said...

making drugs legal
making brothels legal
getting rid of the monarchy
open door policy on immigration
i thought i was reading a policy knocked up by the Monster raving loony party. I hope your support shrinks to tiny amounts. Whoever come up with some of these ideas must be on drugs. ex green supporter.

scott redding said...

Talk about nuclear as much as you want: nuclear plants won't come into place for another 10-15 years ... when we need to act to reduce emissions in the next 100 months. The only way to do that is to put the economy on a war footing and prioritise energy effiency and renewables (such as offshore wind, solar, and tidal lagoons in the Severn estuary) that we can do now.

scott redding said...

As for "anonymous":

- yes, crime is linked to drug use, drugs are controlled by criminal mafia, and we want to break those links and clean up crime. You can look at pilot projects here in England, or full fledged urban projects in Switzerland, about daily prescription of maintenance doses of heroin, when people just can't kick it with numerous tries at methadone, and they get a dose each morning, and they are able to lead relatively normal functioning lives. Drug policy should be based around health, not around crime, and there should be far more of an emphasis on education and information.

- on brothels, yes, we favour a situation where people are able to sell sex in a controlled situation ... i.e. three-four prostitutes co-owning a house, having proper security measures (video camera linked to buzzer), having proper health checks, etc. Prostitutes shouldn't have to be raped and murdered on the streets, if all they are doing is meeting a demand for sex that has been around for centuries. It's not called the world's oldest profession for nothing, it's not going away any time soon.

- the monarchy - yes, we favour a situation where we are citizens, rather than subjects. That doesn't mean off with Liz's head, but it does mean stripping the monarchy of its constitutional powers, i.e. to have more of a "bicycling monarchy" that you see in Netherlands/Denmark. When the petrol crisis happened in 2000, ministers had to go run to Balmoral to get authorisation from the Queen for emergency measures. If there is a hung Parliament after the next general election, who gets to decide? That power shouldn't be down to who you are born to. It should have democratic legitimacy.

- open door policy on immigration - again, a distortion. We have responsibilities under international refugee treaties, and we aren't honouring them. Instead, we just keep militarising and tightening our borders, and mainstream parties indulge in far-right rhetoric on immigration. People are fleeing torture and civil war and the last thing they need is to be thrown into immigration detention centres run by the private sector since they don't have proper passports (again, due to being persecuted minorities in their home countries, or their documents being taken away by human traffickers, or any number of reasons).

Anonymous said...

do you think there are too many people on the planet/country, do you think the planet can keep giving up its resources the feed the population boom?

Joe said...

If you read that book you'll see that all of the technology's you mention will still not fill the gap left by nuclear and coal.

I'm no fan of nuclear, but I am a fan of arithmetic that adds up.