23 December 2006

Crisis - The Green Party and the BNP

The Guardian has had two key articles on the activities of the BNP in its Thursday and Friday editions:

part 1

part 2

Mainstream politics (Cameron Conservatives, Blairite Labour) is discredited. Both have had a decade each in the last 20 years in national government. We’re left with high youth unemployment, privatised trains running 30 minutes late, and a pro-PFI and pro-war consensus between the two parties.

The three mainstream parties are competing for middle-class swing votes (Mondeo Man, Worcester Woman, Morrisons Voter, etc) across relatively few national constituencies. Internal membership in the top three parties is withering away. Entire party platforms are being focused on this chase of marginal constituencies.

Thus, electoral openings for non-mainstream parties (Respect in Tower Hamlets and Birmingham; the Green Party nationally, especially Norwich, Lewisham, Lancaster, Oxford and Brighton; the BNP nationally, especially in Barking) are created.

Climate change, as well as peak oil, will severely disrupt industrial society. Such a crisis will further discredit mainstream politics (why didn’t they warn us, why haven’t they prepared).

In our own ways, the Green Party and the BNP are preparing for this crisis.

The BNP wants society to go to hell-in-a-handbasket. It’s covertly preparing for crisis, with encrypted membership lists and secret meeting rendez-vous points. It wants to position itself to take advantage of chaos and turn society towards strong-leader, White-England-first solutions.

In contrast, the Green Party is openly preparing by trying to localise the economy. We want to put in place ways of providing local food and decentralised public services. We’re advocating pro-peace, pro-women and anti-racist policies. We can see the chaos that is coming, and we want to provide a bridge towards a sustainable society.


Jens Winton said...

Er...you forgot us, UKIP. We are the only major party advocating a return to full democracy in Britain where ALL British laws are passed by British politicians in a British Parliament. This is not wanting society to crumble, this is not racist (we're anti-EU, not anti-Europe) nor sexist.

And I got a mention two weeks in a row on the Guardian's backbencher column this month, so we're on other radar screens if not yours...

Anonymous said...

UKIP are a joke.

Their is chaos within the party. Many are leaving to the BNP and many think that UKIP are a Labour Trojan Horse, to keep the Anti Euro people happy.

scott redding said...

maybe you can help me.

i've never understood why UKIP would run in local elections - i mean, local council can't emancipate the UK from the evil grip of Brussels/Strasbourg.

what's the point of having the balance of power in Kingston-upon-Hull and Derby?

that's one reason to omit your party from my analysis, but as well, both the BNP and the Green Party have more local councillors than UKIP, and we also do better in national elections (not in number of constitutencies, but in depth of vote in a few areas, i.e. potential breakthroughs, rather than a shallow 5-6% across the nation without being strong anywhere).

Dave Field said...

Hi Scott,

UKIP supporters are currently discussing placing a candidate in the Bede by-election in Bedworth - see the article about UKIP at the Bedworth Lib Dems website for more information. Their attention appears to be to vote-spoil in Labour's favour, as a "message to Cameron".

Personally, I find UKIP people to be a bit over-sure of themselves in terms of both power and influence :-)

Wayne said...

Ukip are Labour. Kilroy promoted UKIP to stop the tories once he made them bigger than he intended he left and since then they have self distruct. They only contest elections to stop the tories and help Labour

Anonymous said...

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