31 March 2008

Clinton Vs Obama

I find Hillary Clinton staying in the Democratic race totally unbelievable.

1) She's behind in states won, in the popular vote won, and in delegates won. She has next-to-no mathematical chance of making up the delegate gap (even if she wins the 10 remaining states 60% to 40%, and Michigan/Florida are re-run, she'll only be ahead by 20 delegates. If Michigan is re-run, Obama is neck-and-neck with her there, and Obama will probably win North Carolina and Oregon). Tellingly, Clinton won California at the start of February, and polls now show that Obama would win California in a walk if it was held today.

2) She was wrong about Iraq, and Obama was right.

3) Due to the polarisation of politics under her husband's presidency, there are people who will walk across broken glass in a general election to vote against anyone named Clinton.

4) She's telling porkies about being key to Northern Irish peace, and being under sniper fire in Bosnia when she wasn't, and about opening borders with Macedonia when she didn't.

5) She was wrong about Iraq, and Obama was right.

6) Clinton has said very odd things about Barack Obama.

7) She didn't disown Geraldine Ferraro ... sure, a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, who's African-American, with internet rumours saying, falsely, that he's Muslim, has it easy.

8) If all that wasn't enough, her campaign is a managerial shambles:
Businessmen who provided Clinton services in Iowa, New Hampshire, and New York have come forward lamenting her campaign's failure to pay debts on time. Two Ohio event producers told Politico.com they are urging other companies to insist on cash payment up front before working with Clinton. At the beginning of this month, Clinton – who often promises to fight the insurance industry over the rising cost of health care in America – also owed more than $225,000 in unpaid health bills for campaign employees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott - hadn't noticed this before, but it's a great memory of those fraught primary days. I started blogging a while after the primaries were over but it's good to see other Greens calling the Clintons out on their race-baiting, fear-mongering, divisive 1990s politics. Even now, I've read Bill is not too pleased about what he's been given to speak on at the DNC. Go figure...

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