30 March 2008

Preparation For The Local Elections

We look to be set to run in 14 wards (everywhere by Henley, Holbrook, St Michael's, and Wyken). The deadline for getting nomination papers/forms into the council is Friday at noon. The trick is not to get them in on Friday morning, but to get them in on Wednesday morning. Then, if we've messed up/need clarification, we've got time to run around with our heads cut off to make things right.

We have two sets entirely completed, and we have 12 others in the process of getting done. Hopefully, through a delightfully chaotic process of people dropping by my house to get them certified, we'll have everything in by Wednesday.

Our election leaflet is well on its way to being designed. We only need a few photos, and then it'll be off to the printers. In 2006, we had an A5 leaflet. In 2007, we had an A4 leaflet. In 2008, we've got a double-sided A3 leaflet. Fingers crossed, we've finally struck a balance between bold and clear pledges, and enough detail for people to know what they're voting for.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth are you standing in 14 wards in Coventry?

You achieve nothing by doing so!

The most you can hope for is to gain enough votes to spoil an election in a few wards.

scott redding said...

If we stood nowhere, then about 3500 people across the city (800 in Earlsdon, 200 as an average in the other 13 wards) would either, what, have to hold their nose and vote for a party they don't believe in, or just be alienated and not vote at all?

Anonymous said...

its only worth voting tory or labour in Cov as any other vote is wasted and chucked in the bin, when you get PR you might get more people to turn out and vote. The greens could get 30,000 votes in May but if you dont come first they are worthless, democracy isnt it great.

scott redding said...

It's interesting how PR in local elections has worked out in Scotland. It was brought in as part of the Lib/Lab coalition deal, and came into force for 2007. It led to 3 Greens being elected in Edinburgh, and 5 Greens being elected onto Glasgow city council (some of whom hadn't come to the election count, since they thought they weren't getting in!). We can come 2nd and 3rd in various wards and not be "worthless" ... you'll see other parties in Coventry move towards a Green point of view to snare Green votes if we do really well in certain marginal wards.

Anonymous said...

what im saying is you aint gonna change things until PR comes in everywhere, if you get 10% of the vote you should get 10% of the seats, simple and fair, not the crap system we have got now when you can get 30% of the vote and 50% of the seats.

Anonymous said...

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