06 January 2009

Weekly Gaza Protests In Coventry

The protest last night in Coventry attracted 150 people. I've been dreadfully ill (since New Years Eve), so I wasn't able to go. There will be another protest in Coventry next Monday (at 6pm), and a national demo this coming Saturday in London.

You can find out more information about next Monday on Facebook (the Socialist Party has set up an events page for the next demo).

If you have photos from last night, or want to write a brief (50-100 words) impression of what you thought, please send them along: sgredding2003@yahoo.co.uk.

Here is one from Roy Sandison, with the Rugby Green Party:


Anonymous said...

If you want to support Hamas then do it in your own name. Its not Green Party policy to protest against Israel's right to exist.

scott redding said...

How is "Save Gaza" or "Free Gaza" a statement that supports Hamas? It's a statement that stands in solidarity with Palestinians, not one political leadership of them. I also don't see how "Save" or "Free" denies Israel's right to exist.

Joe said...

Without wanting to split hairs, even Hamas recognises that Israel exists and wants to negotiate a settlement based on the 1967 borders.

Hope you feel better soon, Scott.

Anonymous said...

Scott, it may surprise you that some members of the Green Party are Jewish. If people want to show their 'solidarity with palestinians' then thats fine, but if they do it whilst holding a Green Party placard then it is not.

scott redding said...

It may surprise you that you're out of step/unaware of Green Party opinion.

Protesting against the civilian slaughter in Gaza is not anything to do with denying "Israel's right to exist."

It's the other way around. Israel is seeking to create dependent bantusans in the West Bank, cut off from water/jobs/transport links by the security wall, and Israel is destroying infrastructure (police stations) that an independent Palestinian state would need in Gaza.

Protesting with signs also has nothing to do with members of the Green Party being Jewish.

The idea that all Jewish people are in favour of what's happening in Gaza is absurd. All people of a given religion don't have the same opinion. It's also offensive to the peace movement within Israel.

If people are Jewish and are members of the party, and they are uncomfortable with, say, Rupert Read and Caroline Lucas, two of our MEP candidates this year, signing the following letter in the Guardian yesterday, there's the door!


The Guardian, 5th January 2009

"Despite the EU's call for a ceasefire, the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza continues."

"Nonetheless, the EU is preparing to upgrade its existing agreement to give Israel even more privileged access to European institutions."

"In December, the council of ministers voted to support this upgrade, ignoring the fact that Israel was in breach of an "essential element" of the earlier agreement. This required states to respect "human rights and democratic principles, which guides their internal and international policy and constitutes an essential element of this agreement". The proposed
upgrade is even weaker and includes no obligations on Israel in respect of its illegal settlements, the illegal wall, and its repeated breaches of
international human rights and international humanitarian law."

"In view of the horrific events of the past days, we call on:

1) The UK government to revoke its support for any new agreements with Israel and for this to be communicated forthwith to the Czech presidency of the EU in
advance of its meeting with the commission, and to the EU council of ministers

2) The European parliament to refuse to endorse any extension of
existing agreements and to use its influence to prevent any upgrades of EU benefits to Israel until it abides by its international legal and humanitarian obligations."

Roy said...

Strange - but on the two protests I have been on members of the Jewish faith have been out campaigning against what the Israeli state is doing - not to mention the large demos in Israel itself.

Jim Jepps said...

Just to clarify the Green Party is taking a very clear stance against what is happening in Gaza at the moment and supports the protests taking place around the country whole heartedly.

Well done Scott for helping raise the Party's profile in these protests.

That does not mean to say we have to agree with everyone on these demos about everything - but the idea that standing in solidarity with people as they are bombed and invaded is somehow anti-semitic is fanciful to say the least.

Jim Jepps said...

Oh - and another useful clarification - there is a Green blogger called Greenman (who has an occasional organ) the greenman here is not the same person as the blogger Greenman is, like most Greens, fully behind the protests as can be seen here

scott redding said...

Thanks, Jim.

Unknown said...

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