01 October 2008

First Episode Of "Ministry Of Food"

A few reviews of "Jamie's Ministry of Food" in the papers this morning: Indie, Telegraph, and Times. The Sun has some sort of DVD giveaway from Oliver. There's also an in-depth article by Felicity Lawrence in the Guardian.

You can see the programme's website here.

Oliver has set up an information centre in Rotherham town centre (ironically, just beside Mickey D's), with demonstrations, recipe information, and cooking classes to learn the basics (frying, chopping, roasting).

We have an obesity epidemic, so it says something about the lethargy of the political class in this country that it takes a celebrity chef to start something like this up. Sure, he may not get 250 000 people in Rotherham cooking from fresh, but what if he gets 25 000 people cooking for the first time in years?

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